Fall into Savings with a high-yield CD with Arkansas Federal

While leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping, Arkansas Federal’s certificate rates are still red-hot! So, rake in the autumn-matic savings with Arkansas Federal’s newest certificate special of 5.75% APY1 for 13 months! It’s one of the easiest ways to watch your money grow.

In case you’re unfamiliar with a certificate, also known as a Certificate of Deposit (CD), a certificate account is a savings product that earns interest on a lump sum of money for a fixed amount of time, such as six months, a year, or more. The best part about certificates is that the rate you earn is significantly higher than traditional savings accounts, plus it’s a fixed rate and federally insured. So, there’s no need to worry about market swings or losing money.

Not convinced? Here are five solid reasons a certificate is worth considering.

  1. Increased Rates. Rates are soaring right now. In fact, you can lock in a rate at 5.75% APY with Arkansas Federal 1 by agreeing to keep your deposit on hand for 13 months. Or, if you’d rather not keep your money locked up for that long, they are also currently offering a 6-month certificate at 5.30% APY.1
  2. Federally Insured. A certificate is a safe, insured way to save money. If you open your account with a federally insured bank or credit union, your funds will be insured by the FDIC or NCUA for up to $250,000. So, your money is protected.
  3. Guaranteed Returns. Unlike stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, certificates come with a fixed locked-in rate, so you know exactly how much your deposit will earn. Even if market rates go down, your rate will stay the exact same until the maturity date. This assumes that you don’t withdraw the funds early. In the case of early withdrawal, you could face a penalty or fee, which would lower your returns.
  4. No Fees. Another benefit of a certificate is that many financial institutions don’t impose a monthly fee. As long as you keep your original funds in the account, typically, there are no fees.
  5. Easy Access at Maturity. When your term is up, also known as maturity, it’s easy to access your cash. You can easily transfer the funds to another account, or if you like the rates when your term is up, you could roll them into another certificate to keep the savings going.

Ready to get started?

Earn 5.75% APY1 when you open a 13-month certificate or 5.30% APY1 with a 6-month certificate when you open your account with Arkansas Federal. But hurry—this is a very limited-time offer that won’t last for long.

Open your account online, visit your nearest branch, or call 800.456.3000 to start earning today.

Not a member? Not a problem.

If you live or work in Arkansas, you can open an account and start earning today! There's no government or military affiliation required.

  1. APY is the Annual Percentage Yield and assumes the dividends remain on deposit until maturity. Certificate special rates are effective as of 10/27/2023 at 5.75% for 13 months and 5.30% for 6 months and are subject to change. The rate shown is for amounts $1,000.00 to $999,999.99. The rate is based on the dividend rate in effect on the date of deposit. The dividend rate is fixed unless otherwise stated. Penalties may apply to withdrawals made prior to maturity and/or IRA age requirements. Fees may reduce earnings. IRA transactions are subject to IRS rules and regulations. A $1,000.00 minimum deposit is required to open a share certificate account. To qualify, a member may either fund the certificate with new money—money that was not originally housed with Arkansas Federal, or they may transfer funds from an already established Arkansas Federal checking or savings account. If funding is from an already established Arkansas Federal account, the member must also have a monthly direct deposit of at least $500 going to an Arkansas Federal checking account or already have an active checking account with at least 10 monthly transactions. For current members that do not have an Arkansas Federal checking account, they may open a checking account with Arkansas Federal to qualify. For current members with an inactive Arkansas Federal checking account, to qualify, a monthly direct deposit of at least $500 must be enabled. Federally insured by NCUA. Membership with Arkansas Federal Credit Union is required.